KMLer is the ArcGIS extension for professional work with Google Earth. We recommend using this module and our free Typeconvert extension.
KMLer Plus also supports additional functionality at description building.
KMLer Pro also supports additional 3d features, LOD, Fade in Google Earth.
Create overlays function in KMLer Pro supports Superoverlay projects creation now directly from your ArcMap project. You should only download and install Superoverlay 1.7.x or later and use your KMLer Pro license to obtain standard Superoverlay version

To install the geoprocessing tools:
1. Open ArcCatalog and search folder of KMLer. By default it is
C:\Program Files\GISCenter\KMLer\
2. You see toolbox KMLer. Right click on toolbox and select "Add to Toolbox". The KMLer toolbox stored in Toolbox.

If you have problems by installation then see this page

More info about KMLer see in Features

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Valery Hronusov,
Jun 12, 2010, 10:44 AM